RMW did an outstanding job in revamping our website (www.soldwithstyle.com). We can’t say enough about their skill and execution on helping us realize our vision for our site. RMW worked tirelessly through constant editing and tweaking, patiently fulfilling our every request until the website was perfect. We overshot our target date by quite a bit but that was more our fault than theirs. We found them to be a tremendous value and would heartily recommend their services.
Soldwithstyle, soldwithstyle
The group of professionals have exceeded our expectations and has mede the process online collaboration an enjoyable one. The web design skills are quality, accurate and of industry standard. We are extremely confident to post this feedback even though we are still working on the project. We know they will continue to satisfy our needs and wants efficiently. We have decided to stick with this service provider for all our related projects. Award them your project now and experience them yourself.
RMW consistent in providing great work. This has been the 3rd website which he has worked on for me and he did a great job as usual. He was very patient with a number of edits to the copy and was able to suggest designs for website which have been incorporated into the final product. I would recommend Nur and definitely use them again!
Brian Johnson, Tag Capital
I have used Elance for multiple projects over the years and not until the last few months have I been fortunate enough to find RMW. Their projects are done in the highest quality, efficiency, and professionalism in the industry. I highly recommend this group for all of your web design needs….you will not be disappointed!
Twistthebistro, Samurai inc