Video Marketing – Examples of How It’s Done Right

Dollar Shave, Dove, Budweiser: all mastering the art of making great video marketing campaigns. Here are some examples of their videos and the reasons they go viral!

Social media has so many options for different platforms to engage with people and it becomes abundantly clear that people are obsessed with playing on feelings.

Marketing professionals are aware of the power of emotional testimonials and use them to capture the attention of prospects. The content they produce includes heartwarming stories that evoke laughter and excitement.

The best of video advertising campaigns tell a warm, emotional story that resonates with the audience. And when they have a neat twist or surprise ending, they’re even better! But other than that, what are the requirements for success in video marketing?

Below is a list of 5 remarkable marketing videos and what marketers can learn from them. Read on to find out!

  • What makes a good video marketing campaign?

  • 5 remarkable video marketing examples

What makes a GREAT video marketing campaign?

It’s easy to see that, for a video marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to give the audience some sort of value. This value could come from an emotional connection.

People often think of video as flashy or vanity but there are a few key components to making an effective video. In this post, I’ll discuss the most important aspects.

  • They have a very short time constraint and are designed to leave a lasting impression.

  • When writing a sales pitch, marketers make sure to include a backstory. This is done to highlight the benefits of the product or service in question while also making it more difficult for the reader to say no..

  • They pass the “silent movie test,” which means they can hold someone’s attention for 5 to 10 seconds, even if the video is muted.

  • Videos are engaging and often make viewers want to share them with their friends to laugh together.

  • Consumer emotions are targeted, not direct product sales pitches.

5 Incredible Video Marketing Examples

Here are 5 examples of marketing videos that went viral thanks to their sugar, spice & everything nice — or a combination of any or all of the above

  1.  Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades are F***ing GREAT!

Why it went viral

DSC’s video contains some silly parts and plenty to relate with. You may not know Mike personally, but you’re sure to see someone like him around. The video tells you all about the product while making it fun so you don’t have to take your time waiting for silly things that happen next.

2. Google Android: Unlikely Friends

Why it went viral

This video checks all the emotive boxes. The feel-good background music and playfully animals make this video hard not to love. This is feel good content that most people will want to share with their loved ones.

3.  Dove Beauty Sketches

Why it went viral

Women can be super judgmental about themselves, but this ad from Dove is reminding us not to be so hard on ourselves.

4. Budweiser: Someone Waits For You At Home

Why it went viral

This video reminds us not to drink and drive – for our own sake, and that of the ones we care for and love. While watching it you can’t help but reflect on your own life and responsibilities.

5.  GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Why it went viral

Videos with cute animals can make for good inspiration. The care that the fireman dedicated to the kitten was touching, and the background music intensified the viewer’s feelings, inciting fear and relief as the story unfolded. Everyone loves a warm fuzzy feeling!

You can create content in many different ways, so it pays to be creative. Your content should be uniquely tailored to your brand identity.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of top marketing videos and we’d love to hear from you what you think. Out of the 5 mentioned, what is your favorite video? Leave a comment!

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