Virtual Assistant Services

“How does this virtual thing work?”

That’s the number one question we’re asked when a client decides they need someone to help but don’t want to hire a full time employee. It’s difficult to imagine someone providing the help you need from another office. Especially if that office is half way around the world! Many reports show that employees waste a lot on the job.

Virtual Assistants are not paid to be present for a certain amount of hours each day, virtual assistants get paid to finish projects. We only get paid for the actual work we do.

Consider a virtual assistant a business relationship. I’ve run many businesses over the years just like the one you’re running. I have a greater understanding of all the pressures you’re under. I understand projects in way an employee doesn’t. Their primary consideration is showing up, doing their job and getting their paycheck. In comparison, my business is only successful if your business is successful. So, we’re in this together for a win-win relationship that is going to save you time & money over hiring an in house employee.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur it’s inevitable that you have a million things to do. This can leave you feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day, and frustrated that you can’t developing and grow your business as much or as quickly as you’d like. Call me today for a free 30 minute consultation. My rates are so affordable you’d be silly not to! I wanted to make this as simple as possible, so I have created two categorize of tasks. If you need a project rate we can discuss that too! I’m here to help you make things as simple as possible.

Hourly Rates

Administrative Rates $39/hour
Marketing/Website/SEO Rates $125/hr

Minimum of 3 hours

I accept payments via PayPal or Square. All assignments are paid 1/2 in advance & 1/2 upon completion.

Low Cost SEO

5893413If you’ve been researching SEO pricing you’ve probably noticed that most internet marketing companies are not willing to provide their SEO cost. Rank My Website believes that clients should know exactly what their SEO cost includes so that they can make the best decisions concerning their business internet marketing budgets.

With over 20 years of experience in the Internet marketing field and 10 years in the field of SEO we know what works and what doesn’t. We stay current to all the industry standards and changes. We can offer accurate detailed low SEO costs because we know exactly what a successful SEO campaign requires.

Why Do SEO costs Vary from Firm to Firm?

There is no industry standard for the cost of search engine optimization. There is an excellent blog post with a SEO pricing survey included. You may visit the article on our SEO blog “How much to pay for SEO” for a link to review the survey. SEO costs also vary due to the nature of the services offered.

At Rank My Website we are highly skilled in the process of on-page SEO and SEO performance excellence. We’ve developed proprietary processes over the years that allow us to offer competitive SEO costs. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing tool that can assist your business in reaching new heights. If you are looking for a reasonable cost of search engine optimization Rank My Website can get your site listed highly in the search engines for low cost SEO. Good placement in search engine results is a must. Without good placement your site is not seen by your target audience. With SEO your site will be more visible, obtain more visitors and have significantly higher conversion rates.

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